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Top Rate Moving has been working over extended years of service to deliver some of the top-quality moving services in our community. We have become active partners with a number of residential clients as well as commercial clients and we can provide ongoing support for short moves, long distance moves, commercial moves and more. No matter what challenge you may have from your moving company, our staff can rise to the occasion to ensure that your moving task can be accomplished.

Top Rate Moving Services

Packing Services

The additional packing services that we can deliver ensure that all of your items are packed with the ideal packaging and organized in such a way that unloading can be done quite easily. Our staff members maintain quality relationships with manufacturers of packaging materials for almost any item..
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Long Distance Moving

Top Rate Moving is made up of live just ask experts who are capable of accomplishing the challenge of any type of long distance move. If the idea of picking up your life and moving to a brand-new country seems like an impossible task, trust in logistics experts who have accomplished this…
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Storage Services

Through our secure storage solutions we can make sure that you can take advantage of a variety of climate controlled storage options. Our secure storage facilities are watched with 24-hour access and we offer solutions that can match the needs of a commercial client as well as residential storage support.
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Corporate Moving

If you need to move your office location or you need quality assistance to help you move all of your corporate assets to a new location, our staff members are here to assist you. Our corporate moving specialists can help you with the most efficient corporate moves in the industry. We have all of the right…
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About Top Rate Moving

Our staff members want to continue expanding our resources and our talent pool to ensure that we can deliver expedient services that you can continue to rely on. Our staff members are extremely relationship focused professionals that want to exceed the expectations of every customer we come into contact with.

As well as remaining focused on creating strong customer experiences, we want to become a goto provider for moving throughout the United States and internationally. Each of our staff members can provide the answers that you need to feel confident in your move with our company. We have a large network of people that can assist us in helping our customers obtain the best packaging materials, a huge network of trucks and assistance as well as some of the best training in the industry.

If you would like a quote for your move or you happen to have an inquiry about any one of our services, please contact us today via our web form phone number or email address.

  • I run my own pet store and we needed to move our stock to a new location that we were opening across the city. Top Rate Moving helped me clear out my storage locker of extra inventory and get set up in the new location.

    Jenna R
  • When I decided to move to Italy to retire, I had no idea what to even start with in planning my move. Top Rate Moving broke down all the costs and organized a shipping service that made getting my valuables abroad much easier.

    Cherly W
  • We ran into some problems with movers on our last move where they charged us for many overage fees. Top Rate Moving prepared an extremely detailed quote that broke down the cost of every part of our move. We paid exactly what was given to us on their quote at the end of the day!

    Moe T
  • This was the first professional moving experience that I have had. I was impressed with how fast they worked and how easy it was for them to lift and move everything! I would recommend Top Rate Moving to anyone!

    Tammy D
  • When we needed to move our copy/print business to a new location, we called Top Rate Moving and we were surprised to learn their quote. Not only were they able to deliver one of the lowest ones in the area but they handled our equipment with real care.

    David J