Top Rate Moving formed several years ago with the intentions of creating a moving service that people within our local area could depend on. As we continued to expand our capabilities and build up the size of our fleet and staff, we would eventually start to branch out across the greater local area as well. Today we have established partners worldwide and working relationships with manufacturers of packaging material to ensure that we can deliver some of the best prices on our products.
Through this expansion we still continue to offer the same focus level of service that we have since the beginning. We place emphasis in training each one of our employees and showcasing the merits of customer service with every new relationship that we build. Even though we have a large-scale fleet of vehicles and powerful partnerships across the world we want to create new partnerships with individuals and businesses who need access to a dependable mover.
We work to maintain quality customer service experiences and we feel as though many of the reviews that we receive online are a good representation of what our business can accomplish. We are always up for a challenge and our staff members are knowledgeable enough and they have access to the right tools to take on almost any moving challenge locally or internationally. We want to create a positive experience with you and to prepare for any eventuality with your move.
Our company has become uninsured, fully bonded and licensed group of individuals who always work safely on the job and prepare for any eventuality. Through our health and safety program as well as through the comprehensive insurance that we provide, our staff members can work on any job site and provide assistance with any moving challenge.
If you’d like to learn more about us, contact our company today.