I run my own pet store and we needed to move our stock to a new location that we were opening across the city. Top Rate Moving helped me clear out my storage locker of extra inventory and get set up in the new location.

Jenna R

When I decided to move to Italy to retire, I had no idea what to even start with in planning my move. Top Rate Moving broke down all the costs and organized a shipping service that made getting my valuables abroad much easier.

Cherly W

We ran into some problems with movers on our last move where they charged us for many overage fees. Top Rate Moving prepared an extremely detailed quote that broke down the cost of every part of our move. We paid exactly what was given to us on their quote at the end of the day!

Moe T

This was the first professional moving experience that I have had. I was impressed with how fast they worked and how easy it was for them to lift and move everything! I would recommend Top Rate Moving to anyone!

Tammy D

When we needed to move our copy/print business to a new location, we called Top Rate Moving and we were surprised to learn their quote. Not only were they able to deliver one of the lowest ones in the area but they handled our equipment with real care.

David J

My wife and I wanted to downsize the storage that we had in our home. We had a number of items from our daughter and son when they went away to college. Top Rate Moving set us up with a great storage locker and helped us move the stuff over as well.

Fred P

I was freaking out about moving out of the state for my job. My company didn’t give me much notice for the transfer at all. Top Rate Moving made my move as easy as possible. With a few days of notice they worked magic.

Trevor G

When I had to move out of my apartment and was living far away from family and friends, I needed a mover to get the job done. I started a job and lived in the city for a few months before buying a house and Top Rate Moving helps me move out of my apartment in just a few hours.

Tessa V

Some of the furniture that I had was definitely passed down to me by grandparents and great grandparents. I did not want these treasured items to be harmed in any way. Top Rate Moving treated all of my belongings with respect and there was no damage whatsoever.

Richard O

My son was moving away to college about six hours away from us and we wondered how much it would cost to get professional movers to truck his stuff out to his apartment. I was shocked at the price of Top Rate Moving and their professionalism. With the value they offered it was much less expensive than renting a truck and spending extensive time on the road.

Tim C